Authentic campaigns & iconic product
launches, boutique celebrations & shared moments


A core team of focused professionals, we manage your production from concept to delivery, and every element in-between. We support our clients to create shared moments and unforgettable experiences.


Perfected through more than 15 years of live experience, we deliver slick stage designs with integrated lighting, video and set for lifestyle events and boutique festivals. Working with artists from every genre from The Foo Fighters to Public Enemy, Coldplay to Metallica to produce legacy events.


Treading the line between regulations and client vision, we draw on years of experience to deliver stunning site design that facilitates both customer safety and client style. We gain permissions and licenses through our deep understanding of the application process and our ability to satisfy both local authority and venue management at every level.


Listening closely to our clients’ briefs, and interpreting via 2D and 3D design and animation, we breathe reality into event concepts and embrace iconic brand ideas. Pouring energy and ingenuity into every brief, we’ve delivered everything from bespoke set pieces to the world’s first heart-shaped festival site.

In all disciplines, we set our standards high, recruit brilliant people and, most of all, we love what we do.