Perfected through more than 15 years of live experience, we produce slick sets, banging visuals and custom lighting for lifestyle events and feel-good festivals. We set our standards high, recruit brilliant people and, most of all, we love what we do.

We take your brief, however ambitious or basic, and find the best way to make it happen. If you need inspiration, we’ve got more than 15 years worth of ideas to throw your way. From noise limits to rigging restrictions, we have no qualms about working around your venue’s quirks.

With a full spectrum of equipment at our disposal, we take pride in staying ahead of the curve with new technology. Always on budget, we source our kit from tried and tested suppliers who we’ve worked alongside for more than a decade.

We call in the best technical talent for each event, building skilled teams lead by respected technical directors. Our people have worked their way through Glastonbury, V-Fest and a heap of international gigs, fine-tuning every aspect of tech and production along the way.

Arriving early on the day, we work around the clock to deliver seamless events with a chilled-out feel. When it’s all over, we’re scrupulous about returning your site or venue back to normal and, of course, we always pitch-in to support the rest of the team.


A core team of focused professionals, we manage events from concept to delivery, and every bit in-between. We create shared experiences and unforgettable moments that are planned to the second and have an effortless vibe.

First off, we take the time to grasp your vision and get to know who you are. We fully believe that solid working relationships are the foundation of first-class events – we do things in person, tell it straight and don’t waste time with unnecessary faff.

Being a small and tight-knit team helps sharpen our focus and tune our efficiency – we don’t believe in bouncing you around between account managers. From the start, you’ll know us by name, understand our roles and be in direct contact with the decision makers.

Working as a collective from the ground up, we can manage every aspect of events. From scheduling, budgeting and supplier handling, to creative delivery, technical production and safety – however small the detail, a member of our team will be on it.

Scrupulous over budgets we take pride in never exceeding our quotes. As meticulous organisers and timekeepers, we put in the hours to deliver every event on time, on budget and on theme.


We create and install bespoke concepts and original themes that breathe life into events and embrace the spirit of iconic brands. Pouring energy and ingenuity into every brief, we’ve delivered everything from pyrotechnics and personalised confetti to the world’s first heart-shaped festival.

Come to us with a blank canvas, a big idea or a ready-made concept, no matter how big or small. We’ll design, build and deliver on-theme visuals and installations that resonate with your audience.

We embrace your brand or can help you spark new ideas, developing these concepts into boutique themes, unique set designs and subtle branding. Obsessive over the details that matter most, we combine our creative flare with technical precision, and never ever take our eye off the budget.

Our core team grows to fit any brief and we recruit the best creative talent for each job. Just like our staff, our trusted suppliers have been tested over time, giving us the best black book in the business.